Colonial Maine Living History Association (CMLHA) is an “event-based” living history/reenactment group that covers the entire colonial period of New England, concentrating on what happened in Maine. We portray a variety of impressions/personas depending on the event we are attending. This gives us the opportunity to experience colonial life in different times, places, and situations.

Our purpose is to educate the public and often it is to “learn by doing” – mustering the militia, garrisoning a fort, scouting and marching through the woods, moving people and supplies by boat, practicing traditional skills and crafts, socializing, and living “everyday life.” During these events we portray artisans, crafts-people, settlers, soldiers, scouts, boat crews, and other people of the colonial period.

We do more than just participate in reenactment events. CMLHA runs workshops to make period reproductions of clothing and equipment used in the periods we portray; and field trips to learn about the history, geography, and mindsets of the past.

Come join us in making history come to life!